When God Has A Plan

During the formation of the Tower of Refuge, I began hearing here and there about people from my church going to the country of Haiti to do mission work. I was already intrigued. Then as the team proceeded to present pictures and testimonies of their trip, I was sold. I wanted to be a part of the work and experiences taking place in Haiti. I cannot explain how or why my heart was so touched by this particular mission trip and not others. Without hesitation, I knew that’s where I wanted to go. The desire to go never left, the only problem was I had to be 18. Once 18 rolled around, the only problem was time and finances… But when God has a plan, nothing can stop it.

Door after door opened as going to Haiti was actually becoming a reality. Then, finding myself in a third world country became a surreal experience. Many moments of faith, and many moments of doubt. I found myself asking, “Should I really be here? What made me want to come here so badly?” Yet the smallest of occasions made me realize I was right where I needed to be. Hearing people rejoice as if their lives have just been saved as we handed them portions of rice and beans, seeing the joy that lit across a child’s face as they received our one on one attention and care, witnessing two people accept Jesus into their lives. . .Moments like these are when I knew none of us were there on accident. Personality also happened to be an obstacle during this trip. As an introvert, it takes extra energy and effort to be around people, crowds, and interactive conversations. Friends, the country of Haiti is no sweet place for introverts. I’ve never seen so many people on the streets in my life. You’re constantly surrounded by others, attempting conversations in another language, cramming into crowded areas, a minimum of three children clinging on you at once…etc. However, I’ll never forget how fulfilling it was to be able to put aside my own desires to see the desires of God be accomplished. To my surprise, the greatest impact came about after the trip. Driving home on quiet and clean streets was suddenly a blessing. Taking a shower in warm water became a luxury. I began to realize I had everything I needed at my finger tips, and if I didn’t… it was all probably a call or quick drive to the store away. Even weeks after the trip, I look through my closet at all the clothes that go unworn and unappreciated and think about the girls that would be beyond blessed to own even a fraction of what I own. Yet the comfort of being home could not compare with the experience of going to Haiti. All in all, I can whole heartedly say that the heat, bug bites, lack of comfort and all else experienced on a mission trips are worth it all.

Bondje bene ou!

Author: Andrea Tinc